Mastering Data Ingestion on AWS: A Comparison of Step Functions and Apache Airflow

Introduction: Introduction: Data ingestion is a crucial component of any data lake strategy, and selecting the right orchestrator to manage this process is essential for building a scalable, efficient, and maintainable data pipeline. This blog post will compare two popular orchestrators, AWS Step Functions and Apache Airflow, and discuss their use in managing data ingestion […]

Mastering Data Lakes: Unlocking Potential & Overcoming Obstacles

Introduction As the amount of data generated by organizations continues to grow exponentially, the need for effective data management solutions has become increasingly important. One such solution, the data lake, offers a centralized repository for storing raw, structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data from various sources. In this post, we’ll explore the pros and cons of […]

Introduction of SQL Window Functions

SQL is one of the most widely-used languages for working with relational databases, and understanding how to use it effectively is crucial for data professionals. One of the most powerful features of SQL is its support for window functions, which allow you to perform calculations and aggregations across multiple rows of data in a way […]

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