PYTHON: How to calculate BMI by If statement

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1. What is the BMI?

The BMI is the abbreviation of the Body Mass Index (BMI). It can be used to measure leanness based on height and weight. It is also a measurement of the health condition. It is used for the statistical purposes, it analyzes the health condition of a person’s weight on people of different heights.

2. Formula and standard

BMI=Weight(Kilogram) ÷ (height)^2 (m)

For an adult:

  • Too light: Below 18.5
  • Normal: 18.5-23.9
  • Overweight: 24-27
  • Obesity: 28-32
  • Very Obese: above 32

3. Source code

height=float(input('What is your height(m): '))
weight=float(input('What is your weight(kg): '))
if BMI<18.5:
  print('Too Light')
elif 18.5<=BMI<25:
elif 25<=BMI<28:
elif 28<=BMI<32:
elif BMI>=32:
       print('Seriously Overweight')
print('your BMI is :',BMI)

4. Output

5. Note

The key concept behind this code:

  • To understand how to use input
  • To undersantd how to convert data type
  • To understand how to make condition judgement by if and elif
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